Workshop Testimonials

Something I really enjoyed was the "paint along" - where you would demonstrate something, then we would get at it, you would provide individual feedback, and then repeat. For me, this helped me better understand "your" approach, which is what I wanted to learn. Not just your style, but the way you attack the canvas, the way you use your tools, and the nuances of 'from start to finish'. 


Your passion for painting and teaching is obvious and infectious. It's funny, because I too enjoy teaching very much and admire the place you're at in life right now - being able to do both, and inspire others. 


It's critical to really understand the fundamentals, and you explained them in a very easy to grasp way. And then you showed us how to apply them, which is of course the most important part. 


The experience, for me, was extremely useful. From the way you presented the reading material to the structure of the sessions, I loved every minute of it - even though it was hard emotionally, painting outside the safety of my own studio (in front of others) and of course in front of you. :) I mean this as a compliment of course. As you know, I admire your work so much, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from you, and to get to know you a little better. 


It is easy to see that you are so passionate about your painting and that you are so open to learn and experiment more. You are a very inspiring artist.. I am excited about getting into more painting as I feel more confident after your class


Your exemplary teaching skills combined with your intense passion for art and with your masterful painting skills made this a powerful learning experience for me. 


Your passion for teaching and quality painting shows in everything you do in class. I liked the way you always asked permission before picking up someone's paint brush to show a technique or a different way of doing things. I have been in classes where this type of respect was not the norm.


your academic rigour certainly comes through in your teaching and application... very valuable, and as you point out, for those with discipline, results will come


I've been through your notes and wanted to tell you that I think they are fantastic! You explain important concepts in a very simple, easy to understand way. Many instructors I had during my art degree many years ago did not come close to helping students understand these concepts, let alone why they are important. Your advice is practical and very helpful. I have so much to learn! :)