Perspective For Landscape Painters - example workshop

Perspective for Strong Landscape Paintings.


This program is designed for developing artists with at least a novice level of experience. Demonstrations will be done using acrylics but the program is suitable for both oil and acrylic painters.


Perspective is one of the essential fundamentals required for strong landscape paintings. Yet many developing artists fail to include it (even avoid it) in their learning. During this three-session three-hour Zoom program, this workshop will develop an understanding of both linear and areal perspectives using PowerPoint presentations, exercises, and painting demonstrations.


Participants will be able to discuss and ask questions during the Zoom presentation. This program, given once a week for three weeks, is designed so students can work on exercises and the week’s painting and share it, if they wish, on a dedicated workshop Facebook Page for comment and discussion. Sessions are recorded. 


Sessions will be recorded for repeat viewing. The program will be challenging - but fun.